Professional, selfish politicians, bane of Nigeria’s development- Gbadamosi

Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi, the 2019 Governorship Candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) says, professional and selfish politicians are the bane of the nation’s development.

Gbadamosi made the disclosure while with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday while speaking on his expectations on incoming administrations in the country.

He noted with dismay that majority of administrations that would be inaugurated on May 29 were professional politicians, whose interest remained self aggrandisement.

“They are not in politics to serve but see it as an avenue for them to make quick money.

“The bad side of it is that majority of those with genuine intention for progress of the people of Nigeria finds it very difficult to sail through.

“This is because most of our politicians are greedy and fights anyone with good intentions trying to come in,” he said.

The Estate Mogul said that Nigerians must wake up to tackle administrations that had nothing to offer, including lawmakers who might think that it was an avenue to enrich them.

“We cannot continue to run Nigeria this way. There is no power greater than the collective power of the common man.

“If our leaders are not careful, they may witness a revenge of the poor that has never been seen before in the world.

“The people are getting wiser and someday, if those in power, at all levels, fail to lead with conscience, the consequences will be dire.

He said that until conscience returns to the hearts of majority of Nigerian leaders, the country would not move to the desired heights.

“Even the few with good intentions are sabotaged. We cannot continue to live this way as a nation. I know things will change one day and they will all pay for their sins.

On recent attacks over his criticisms of poor governance in Lagos State, Gbadamosi said he would not give up until things were done right.

“They say I joined the race to make money and I am aggrieved because I lost, that is so untrue.

“I did not join the politics of Lagos State to be rich. I was already rich and still remain rich, and have no intention of using politics to further enrich myself or steal from the people of Lagos.

“Some people think I need politics to be valid. I don’t need validation or adulation. I just want progress for humanity,” he said.

The ADP candidate said he was a professional and into estates, owning his own chains of estates but joined the politics of Lagos because of some impunity in the state that had impoverished the people.

“I will not give up on what I believe in. There is no justification for abject poverty in the midst of plenty. It breaks my heart especially haven been born and lived in a clime where humanity matters to leadership,” he said.

Gbadamosi who contested for the Lagos Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) guber ticket in 2011 and 2015, later defected to the ADP where he clinched the party’s ticker for the 2019 guber poll. (NAN)