Prices of local rice, tomato drop in Enugu

The prices of foodstuff, particularly local rice and tomato have dropped significantly in major markets in Enugu metropolis, the Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

A survey conducted NAN on Saturday showed that the prices of stoned, de-stoned local rice and tomatoes had dropped further.

A 50-kilogramme of de-stoned local rice now sells between N22, 000 and N23, 000 as against N26, 500 and N28, 000 sold in December.







Also, a 25 kilogramme is sold between N11, 000 and N12, 500 as against N12, 000 and N14,000 in December.

A rice dealer at Ogbete Main Market, Mr Dan Joseph, attributed the fall in price to availability of local rice in the market.

Another rice dealer at Garki Market, Mrs Cecelia Agu, said that patronage had on local rice as many residents could hardly afford rice due to its high cost.







“Many rice dealers, especially farmers flooded the market with rice, so we are forced to reduce the prices,” Agu said.

Mr Chinwe, another rice dealer at Kenyatta Market, said although the prices of local rice dropped, the price of rice had reduced.

“A 50kg of rice is now sold between N34, 500 and N37,000 as against N38,000 and N41, 000 in December.

“The 25kg of rice now goes for between N17, 000 and N18, 500 as against N19, 000 and N20, 500,” he said.

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that the price of tomato had reduced considerably when compared to what it was during the Christmas period.

The price of a big basket of UTC tomato now sells between N8, 000 and N9, 500 as against N12, 000 and it is currently flooding the markets.






Miss Jane Nwoye, a tomato seller at Garki Market, attributed the drop in the prices to the harvest season. (NAN)