President Jonathan’s Bauchi visit and Governor Bala’s desperate attempt at rewriting history


By Ibrahim Gaddafi Tanko

Last week Friday Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was in Bauchi on a visit to Bauchi this time not to Commission projects but to console the Bauchi state helmsman Governor Bala Mohammed who had recently lost his elder brother the Yeriman Duguri, who died at a Turkish hospital.

The former president had arrived the Pearl of tourism accompanied by two prominent players during his administration Dr. Kennedy Opara a former executive secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) and Hon Ishaka Bawa a former Chief whip of the House of Representatives.

Dr. Jonathan decked in his trademark Niger Delta attire reportedly arrived the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa international airport, Bauchi at exactly 9:45 am and was received by the State Deputy Governor Senator Baba Tela alongside other top Bauchi State Government officials.

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While receiving his August visitor at the Government House Bauchi, Governor Bala in his characteristic manner of praising the ex-Nigerian Leader to high heavens described him as the best president Nigeria ever had, though Governor Bala is entitled to his opinion as a citizen and as someone who can rightly be described as a Major beneficiary of his administration.

The Governor did not stop there he continued his veneration spree by saying that Jonathan’s administration had created over 10,000 millionaires, but the question is how ? For an administration that was reportedly notorious for elevating corruption to statecraft, with dozens of members of that administration still undergoing corruption trials including Senator Bala Muhammad but for the immunity he currently enjoys as Governor.

Nigerians will recall that it was Governor Bala who moved the motion for the doctrine of necessarity that paved the way for the emergence of Dr Goodluck Jonathan during the Constitutional logjam that was occasioned by President Yar’adua’s ill health, after which he consequently rewarded the then Senator with the position of FCT Minister for the 6 years of his Government.

While i have no personal animosity against the Bauchi state helmsman or Dr. Goodluck Jonathan but Infact commend him for turning a new leaf since he assumed office in Bauchi.

I honestly feel he shouldn’t woken up sleeping dogs as Nigerians have not forgotten in a hurry the Oduah-gate, Diezani-gate, and the perilous state of the Country’s insecurity with Boko Haram elements having a field day during the reign of the Otuoke born politician.

Ibrahim Gaddafi Tanko, a political affairs analysts can be reached at

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