PPA Will Welcome Kalu with Open Arms ,Says National Chairman

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The National Chairman of the Progressive Alliance PPA, Chief Sam Nkire has said that his party would welcome the former Governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzo Kalu with open arms any day he chooses to come back.

Reacting to the news that some members of the Abia State chapter of PDP were in Abuja to prevent Dr. Kalu from joining PDP, the PPA boss said the situation was a clear case of “ one man’s meat being another man’s poison “.

Chief Nkire said it was unusual for a party to adopt a policy whereby intending members are rejected except they were under-aged or people of unsound mind, adding that even ex-convicts are not prevented from joining political parties, provided they can obey the by-laws. He said he was surprised by the number and calibre of the delegation that spent time and money to go and make a request which according to him should not succeed under normal circumstances.

The PPA National Chairman said he was not sure the rumour that Orji Kalu was planning to return to PDP was true but advised the former Governor of Abia State not to force himself into a party where he is not wanted even though nobody has the right to prevent him from joining any party of his choice.

He seized the opportunity to appeal to members of PPA country wide to pursue the on-going membership drive with zeal and vigour.

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