Police Service Commission disciplines erring senior officers

okiroThe Police Service commission at the end of its 4th plenary meeting held on the 13th of March, 2014 awarded various disciplinary measures to some erring Senior Police Officers whose conducts were unexpected of officers of the Law.
In all, the Commission sanctioned thirty-one Senior Police Officers with various types of punishments according to the severity of their offences against discipline. Three officers, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sa’adu Akanbi and two Assistant Superintendents of Police, Ignatius Atta and James Sanio, were dismissed. In addition to dismissal, DSP Sa’adu Akanbi and ASP James Sanio are to be prosecuted in court for acts unexpected of Law officers. Also, an ASP was compulsorily retired for unbecoming conduct.
Four officers including a Chief Superintendent of Police, Bethram C. Onuoha were reduced in rank. The Chief Superintendent who has been reduced to a Superintendent of Police is to forfeit seven months’ salary too.
Furthermore, twelve officers were severely reprimanded for offences against discipline. Among the twelve is a Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Rufai. The Commission also reprimanded seven officers and awarded two letters of advice to two officers. The Commission also treated six promotion appeals from officers.
The Chairman of the Commission, Sir Mike Okiro noted that the Commission under his watch would continue to promote deserving officers and would be unrelenting in punishing those who behave in manners not expected of Law Officers. He underlined that the Commission would continue to uplift Nigeria Police force personnel. He called on all the men/women of the force to redouble their efforts towards the maintenance of law and order in a manner that depicts a democratic nation of the 21st Century.

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