Police Disperse Protesting Abuja Indigenes With Tear Gas

Protesting Abuja  IndigenesProtesting Abuja indigenes were on Wednesday forcefully dispersed the police at a peaceful protest at the entrance into the complex.
The incident happened around 8am as the protesters were converging. The Abuja natives said the police fired live bullets into the air consistently and shot tear at the protesters chasing them Eagle Square, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and down to the Ministry of Finance office complex junction.
President of the Original Inhabitants Association of Abuja, OIDA, Pastor Danladi Jeji said “the police in about eight Hilux vans soldiers standing consistently used tear on our people which later led to two old women fainting as a result of the tear .”
Despite the threat, the natives later addressed a press conference where they rebuked the Nigerian government for disrupting their fundamental rights to protest.
They called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate the use of brutal force against Abuja natives who have continued to be treated as second-class citizens the Nigerian government. They rebuked the police warning that such use of crude force in the future may lead to them being militarized like the Niger Delta militants.
The original inhabitants disclosed that they were at the to peacefully protest the non-passage of the Mayoralty bill by the .
They advised residents of FCT to brace up for a wave of mass protests and civil movements against the Nigerian system that has “refused to a voice or representation to FCT indigenous people throughout the years.”
The aborigines later promised to return to the on another date to continue their protest and their grievances on a system that oppresses and continually render them stateless second-class citizenship status.

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