Police arrest ex-Minister’s son after alleged robbery at Bureau De Change


Father has sent him packing from the house — Source

Police detectives have arrested a son of a former Minister for alleged robbery attempt at a Bureau De Change in Abuja.
The suspect (names withheld) attacked the BDC in Abuja.

He has been detained in the last one week at a police facility pending the conclusion of investigation.

According to investigation, the suspect is a son of a former Minister from one of the North Central states.





A top source, who spoke in confidence, said: “The former Minister’s son stormed a Bureau De Change in Abuja last week with a locally made rifle in order to haul some cash.

“But while attempting to rob the BDC, he was caught by vigilant forex marketers.

“Preliminary findings have confirmed that the suspect is noted for extravagant lifestyle.

“The family is said to be requesting the police to grant him bail and opting for an amicable settlement with the concerned Bureau De Change Operator.






Although the Nigeria Police(FCT Command) was yet to officially release a statement on the alleged robbery, a reliable detective gave insights into the ongoing investigation.

The source added: “It is true that the suspect is in our custody for an attempted robbery. Our men have been grilling him on how he plotted the robbery. From the interaction with him so far, we will get to the root of the matter but alcohol and drug may not be ruled out.






“The police detectives have also been probing how he came about the rifle. One of the clues being explored is the suspicion that it might be some of the rifles given to political thugs during campaign.

Responding to a question, the source said: “Detectives are trying to get to the roots of some crimes he may have perpetrated with the rifle.

“There are some top shots who are interested in this case. The police investigators have been under intense pressure. But we will see the investigation through and charge the suspect to court.

“There is intense lobbying to grant bail to the suspect but only a High Court can do so by virtue of Section 161 of the Administration of Criminal Justice.






“The section says: “(1) A suspect arrested, detained or charged with an offence punishable with death shall only be admitted to bail by a Judge of the High Court, under exceptional circumstances.

“(2) For the purpose of exercise of discretion in subsection (1) of this section, exceptional circumstance” include: (a) ill health of the applicant which shall be confirmed and certified by a qualified medical practitioner employed in a Government hospital, provided that the suspect is able to prove that there are no medical facilities to take care of his illness by the authority detaining him. (b) Extraordinary delay in the investigation, arraignment and prosecution for a period exceeding one year, or (c) any other circumstances that the Judge may, in the particular facts of the case, consider exceptional.”







Our source said: “The ex-Minister, has always detested his son’s prodigal outlook. His attitude is a major challenge which the family has been grappling with.

“It got to a point recently that the ex-Minister forced the prodigal son out of his residence and live on his own. His father has been telling friends and associates to prevail on the suspect not to tarnish his hard-earned name.”

Asked if the ex-Minister reported his son’s misbehaviour to security agencies and the police, the source simply said: “I am not aware.”

The suspect risks a 21-year imprisonment if convicted in line with Section 1(2)(a)&(b) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act.

But attempted robbery under the same law attracts 14 years in jail.