Police advocate waterway procedure review in Bayelsa for enhanced security

The Police Command in Bayelsa called for a review procedures checkpoints in the waterways in the state to enhance security.

Mr Emmanuel Asufi, an Assistant Commissioner Police stated this fielding questions from journalists in Yenagoa, on Saturday.

Asuji said that following improved maritime security in the creeks and waterways, there the need to review the procedure which made it mandatory for all passengers to raise hands on approaching checkpoints.

According to him, the drop in crime within the waterways due to intensified collaboration amongst the security agencies.

He noted that the Police actively involved in the security operations the Joint Task Force, Operation Delta Safe, whilst the Marine maintained presence in coastal settlements across the state.

On seized stolen crude oil, the police boss advised that the impounded oil should be returned to identified oil firm rather than burn the crude and pollute the environment,   

“The practice setting crude oil seized from oil thieves on fire is not good for our environment, we should look ways returning the stolen crude oil to the owners,” he said. (NAN)