Plateau killings:Atiku outraged, condemns descent into anarchy

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said the fresh orgy of indiscriminate murder of innocent people in Plateau State by criminal gangs would complicate the country’s insecurity crisis.

Reacting to the death of Senator Gyang Dantong, the Majority Leader in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Danfulani and over 30 others killed earlier in fresh outbreak of violence, Atiku said he was deeply disturbed by seeming descent to anarchy.

Atiku recalled their common sojourn in party politics and praised the late Senator’s broad-minded outlook, describing him as being neither a religious fanatic nor an ethnic chauvinist.

He said a situation where followers on both sides no longer obey their leaders to keep the peace poses a grave danger to the political and social stability of the country.

According to him, well-meaning peace efforts were being needlessly undermined by evil-minded enemies of peace and harmonious co-existence.

The former Vice President noted that a situation where revenge and counter-revenge becomes the order of the day is an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

In what appears to be one of his strongest expressions of outrage, the Turaki Adamawa said death and destruction could not be the substitute for peace.

“In the absence of enduring peace, life itself will be difficult to live. Violence benefits nobody and it only holds back our progress and prosperity. The frequent explosion of violence in Plateau State, if not checked, could lead to despair and dire consequences, which the country could ill afford,” he added.

Atiku also condoled with the government and the people of Plateau State, the Senate and the families of all those cruelly murdered in cold-blood.

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