Plateau agency appeals for better utilisation of infrastructure

By Patience Aliyu

The Plateau State Road Maintenance Agency (PSRMA), has tasked the Plateau people on better utilisation of infrastructure in the state, with particular reference to roads and drainage systems.

The organisation made the call in an Interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN), on Tuesday in Jos, against the backdrop of the ongoing roads rehabilitation in the state.

Mr Luka Davou, General Manager PSRMA, while speaking on the rate of clogged drainage systems and the effects on the ongoing roads rehabilitation, urged citizens to be more responsible towards the use of available infrastructure.

“I was coming from the office at Anguldi, just after the rain, I got to a spot around Lamed at Bukuru expressway, and saw vehicles swimming, I stopped there to inspect, and discovered the drains from the upper parts were completely blocked.

“We had to embark on cleaning all the drains and culverts there. Now if it rains, whatever the intensity, you will never see water on the road there.

“So people should help us, I have had a few calls, people calling to for all kinds of complaints over this issue, so I urge everyone to take it as a responsibility,” Davou said.

According to him, people dumping waste in drains should know that they will be the ones that will suffer the repercussions eventually.

“And this road works you are seeing is capital intensive, let us try to preserve the infrastructure that we have been given and we use every day,” he said.

Speaking on the scope and areas already covered by the agency on road maintenance, Davou said that most parts of the city centre earmarked for rehabilitation had been worked on and the work was still ongoing.

“We carefully selected very important routes to try to address the issues on ground, and some of the ones we have achieved so far are; from Anguldi-Vom junction all through to Zarmaganda, we have sealed most of the very bad potholes.

“We have also worked on the Police Headquarters road, Polo roundabout, Gada-Biyu, Farin-Gada, up to the U-turn of ECWA School, Plateau Hospital roundabout to Hill Station to the CBN in Rayfield up to the Golf Course to TCNN too.

“Chobe Area, Masallaci, and many other routes in the state are already covered, and work is still going on,” Davou said. ( NAN)