PGA Championship 2022 won’t be held at Trump’s New Jersey golf course

An organisation belonging to outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has lost the hosting rights for one of the world’s most important golf tournaments.

The development is as a result of the riots at the Capitol building in Washington.

The PGA Championship, one of the four majors, will not be held in 2022 at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster in the US state of New Jersey as long planned.







PGA America, which made the announcement, justified Sunday’s decision by citing Wednesday’s storming of the US Capitol, when Trump supporters riled up by the president invaded the building.

An alternative venue is now being sought, it said.

A spokesman for the Trump Organisation said the decision was an illegal “breach of contract’’.

The Trump Organisation is primarily active in the real estate sector and operates hotels and golf courses such as the one in Bedminster.








After his election victory in 2016, Donald Trump had handed over the management of the company conglomerate to his sons Eric and Donald Junior.

However, he remained owner, although he had promised to “completely isolate’’ himself from his businesses.(dpa/NAN)