PDP urges Nigerians to shun rumours over Dana air crash


The Peoples Democratic Party PDP  has commended President Goodluck for his prompt directive requesting a full investigation into the cause of the plane crash. The party in a statement today  called on the appropriate authorities to leave no stone unturned in determining the true cause of the plane crash. “If the crash was caused by the negligence of the management as is being alleged, then a firm example should be set to demonstrate that this government will not tolerate mediocrity”, the Spokesman,Olisa Metuh  said. However he also cautioned that whilst “we mourn, we should wait for the outcome of the investigation as rumours tend to fuel unnecessary ill will which may be directed at the wrong quarters.” The party urged Nigerians to turn away from the blame game and focus on a healing process which will ultimately unite us.

Following the series of tragedies which have befallen the nation in recent times, the Party called for a return to basics and the re-establishment of values which will result in a well grounded society.

The national chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur said in a statement that “the entire nation is traumatised by the tragic events of the past three days. Several Nigerians have lost close relatives, friends and colleagues; we are a nation in mourning. But in our grief we should seize this opportunity to revaluate our focus and reinstate the values that will make us a great nation. The election is over therefore we should refocus our energies on building rather than competing. Wiping out corruption from our society should be a priority rather than engaging in lengthy political battles. Training our youth to be model and patriotic members of society should be our aim rather than employing them as political thugs. Improving our educational system and instilling the importance of family values in our children should be our main concern. These are the things that we should focus on now until 2015 when we return to the polls. This unhealthy obsession with politics can only serve to derail the nation and prevent us from achieving the greatness for which we have great potential”

The PDP chairman called on all Nigerians to join the PDP in this march towards a greater nation through the establishment of values. He said “it is our collective responsibility to build our nation. Workers should be more diligent in the delivery of their assignments, avoiding short cuts

National growth LS

which could have serious negative consequences. Parents should instill values in their children to avoid wrong choices later in life. Leaders should lead by example and direct a new course. If we all pool together now we can find strength in our diversity and those that we have lost would not have died in vain”.

The Party once again commiserated with the President and all Nigerians on the tragic incidents which led to the loss of precious lives. “The PDP  shares in the grief, the pain and the anguish of the families of those who have lost their loved ones, confidants, brothers, sisters, parents,

breadwinners and employers in this national calamity. But we will remain strong and united as a country as we navigate through this most difficult period in our national history.


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