PDP denies fuelling crisis in other parties

By Ewache Ajefu/Editor,Newsdiaryonline.com

The Peolpes Democratic Party(PDP) today washed its hands off the allegations  by the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) blaming the ruling Party  for the intractable crisis in some political Parties in Nigeria.

In a statement by the party’s National publicity Secretary chief Olisa Metuh, the party said it cannot be held responsible for the inability of any group to discipline its members and peacefully organize themselves.

” The fact that fringe political associations have been unable to manage even the slightest disagreements amongst themselves is a clear evidence of their unpreparedness to administer a complex society like Nigeria”, he said.

The party said the development goes to show that the associations lack the basic democratic tenets of sacrificing individual interests for the larger group.

“We in the PDP are proud of our heritage as a political movement deeply entrenched in the pursuit of the best democratic practices. We are not ashamed to admit that we have had our own share of internal conflicts, but what sets us above the rest is our ability to skillfully manage them and emerge even stronger” the party boasted.

Chief Metuh further said that its  members have been nurtured to always consider the supremacy of the Party over any individual.

Arguing that the reason why other political Parties get torn apart by internal strife is simply because they are formed to serve narrow selfish and ethnic interests, adding that they do not possess the ability to mobilize a national consensus, stressing that
they are indeed extensions of the personal empires of the clique that run them.

The party noted that it was  worrisome that rather than confront the challenges that face them, they have resorted to escapist methods, blaming those who have painstakingly put their house in order and shown the capacity to lead.

“We shall not be distracted by such claims as we are determined more than ever before to broaden our support base and provide the political muscle for the success of President Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agenda” it said.

Chief Metuh also said that while the PDP  welcome the concept of a virile and strong opposition in a democracy, the party do not exist to solve the self inflicted problems of its opponents, while  urging those in the CNPP to look elsewhere in their search for the reasons of their travails and refrain from unnecessary name calling.