PDP constitutes Caretaker Committee for Kano, slams APC Manifesto

pdplogoThe National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party has announced the constitution of a Caretaker Committee to pilot the affairs of the Kano State Chapter of the Party. The committee is chaired by Senator Muhammad Mana while Alhaji Aminu Nahuce serves as Secretary.

The NWC expressed happiness with the outgoing Kano Caretaker Committee for the peaceful resolution of all issues and the successful integration of old and new members of the party. It noted that this is a confirmation of the commitment and determination of the Kano PDP to ensure that the Party emerged victorious in the 2015 general elections.

In the same vein, the NWC has ordered the conduct of new congresses in the state, local government and ward chapters of the PDP in Kwara State.

Whilst the NWC commends members of the Kwara State Caretaker Committee for their good works, it however announced that the congresses in the state, local government and ward chapters will be conducted and supervised by the National Secretariat.

..Says APC Manifesto a Product of Janjaweed ideology

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the manifesto which the All Progressives Congress (APC) released today as a product of a Janjaweed ideology, a roadmap to anarchy which is typical of all anti-democratic coalitions. ” The manifesto lacks character, depth and
completely addressed no issue.”

A statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh said the manifesto which ranked security of lives and property low and gave no clue as to its preparedness to tackle terrorism was a tacit acknowledgment that the APC may be benefiting from the mayhem and knows more than meet the eyes about the spate of terror attacks in the
country .

” When last year in its first official outing, the leaders of the APC said terrorism in Nigeria would disappear within 100days of APC leadership, Nigerians did ask if they knew the characters in crime and their sponsors . APC gave silence as an answer while Nigerians kept
wondering. Today, the Party has released its manifesto with loud silence on the matter so that Nigerians would not raise further questions on the face behind the terrorism mask.”

Taking the APC to task on job creation and war on corruption which the party projected as cardinal on its manifesto, the PDP said the APC has no credible recipe for job creation nor has it shown the strength of character to fight corruption more than the PDP does at the moment.

“The PDP created anti corruption agencies- the ICPC, the EFCC and established the Freedom of Information Act to further give teeth to the war on graft. The PDP led federal government has also shown no preferences in its battle on corruption as senior party leaders as well relations have at one time or another been made to face the law on charges of corruption.”

” On the contrary , the leaders of the APC are the grand patrons of corruption as could be seen from the South West APC states where a kilometer of road is awarded at N1 billion in a topography that compares no where to the marshy South South and where the self styled leader imperially superintendents the finances of six states with mind boggling cases of corruption. ”

” The spirited defence for the suspended Central Bank Governor mounted by the APC was because the leaders of the party benefited immensely from the regime of sleaze that took place under Sanusi. A fraudulent 84 billion contract was awarded to a leader of the party while another 5billion Naira was paid to another stalwart of the party as consultancy
fee. ”

According to the PDP nothing showcases the anti-democratic ambience of the APC than its inability to conduct a properly constituted congresses and convention to elect its substantive officers almost a year after formation, clearing stating that ” the strange bed fellows have merged but the structures are refusing to integrate, hence , crisis and disagreements in its ranks. ”

” This disagreements played out on the high table today at the party ‘s summit as one of its leaders , Sen. Modu Sherif pointedly accused the leadership and the organizers of excluding and marginalizing a section of its founders. With persistent in-fighting at this cradle, how does APC hope unify Nigerians and guarantee the survival of democracy ,” the PDP asked.

The PDP further described as tissue of lies, the claim by the APC that it was the first party to lunch a code of conduct.

” In 2006, the PDP launched a comprehensive code of conduct under an ominibus entitled “Survival Kit.” This kit contained documents such as Desirable Qualities Of A Member and Code of Conduct for PDP aspirants and candidates . ”

” We also have the Peoples Democratic Institute, an intellectual arm of the party whose major work is the systemic research, inculcation and internalization of democratic ethos.”

The PDP further said the recent opinion poll which the APC said it derived its manifesto is a familiar product from political party that subsists in lies and deception.

“They sponsored same in Anambra and their governorship candidate , Chris Ngige came a distant third. This is after they sponsored same in Ondo where its candidate in the governorship election, Rotimi Akeredolu also came third.”

The statement further warned that the unseen thrust of the APC manifesto is to balkanize Nigeria and cause disaffection among the people, citing the deportation of Nigerians from Lagos by an APC governor.

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