PDM Will Not Partake In Anambra Guber Election-Spokesman

PDP LogoThe newly registered Peoples Democratic Movement,PDM has revealed that it will not participate in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election .A statement by Alaba Yusuf,media advisor to its chairman said though at its meeting Mr. Dagogo Emanuel feared that not taking part would deprive the people the taste of good leadership for the next four years, the party’s chairman Mallam Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim “ allayed his fears that the PDM at this point cannot afford to do hush-hush things. The Party has to follow due process and adhere strictly to the provisions of her constitution, he stressed adding that: they cannot afford to lay down bad precedents at this juncture when all we want is to make a difference. The Party needs time to grow and that there is enough time to contest in future elections. He also said that he is sure that the PDM not participating in the Anambra election would not put the State in jeopardy.”
The statement said PDM held its post registration National Executive Committtee, NEC, meeting at the Party’s headquarters in Maitama, Abuja and came up with a triangular agenda: not to field candidate for the forthcoming Anambra gubernatorial election; to concentrate on membership registration and instituted 10 Committees to run its affairs.
The meeting presided over by the Interim National Chairman, Mallam Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim, had in attendance: Fati Dahiru Adamu, Deputy National Secretary; Cecilia Betzom Aku, National Financial Secretary; Oluwatoyin Olatinwo, National Vice Chairman, S/W; Adeniran Aderogba, National Auditor; Barr Kabiru U. Dodo. National Legal Adviser; Kumolu-Johnson Fola, Deputy Publicity Secretary; Munir Garba Waziri, Deputy Organising Secretary and Mohammad Dan Ige, Vice Vice Chairman, North West. Others were: Ahmed Rufai Abubakar , National Publicity Secretary; Adaeze Ochi, National Vice Chairman, South East; Comrade Ifeanyi Igwe, National Youth Leader; Andrew Ugochukwu, Deputy Youth Leader, S/E; Samuel U. Shaibu, National Organising Secretary; Oloba Irawomitan, Deputy National Legal Adviser; Austin Itua, National Vice Chairman, S/Southand Barr. Muslim Mai Gari, National Vice Chairman, N/East. Also present were: Dagogo Emmanuel, National Treasurer; Tolumoye Frank, Deputy National Financial Secretary; Nwokoro Anthony N., Deputy National Chairman; Gift Shaguy, National Woman Leader; Jamila Haruna, National Deputy Treasurer; James Nyawosa .M, FCT (Ex Officio) and Dr. Oluwole Akinwumi, National Secretary.
The elated NEC members praised the courage and bravery of Mallam Bashir Ibrahim and his team for getting the party registered and giving it an enviable brand promotion within the Nigerian political firmament.
The Chairman commended the high turnout of members at the noon meeting before giving them an update on the affairs of the party so far. He announced that the PDM has been registered with INEC and now a bona fide political party in Nigeria; and emphasized its pride of place on the country’s political platform. He further said PDM’s relevance has kept the party in the media since registration, because nobody would have given an irrelevant party a second glance or chance.

He therefore thanked the members for putting their names, honour and integrity on the line in order to register the party and for believing in PDM even before it was registered. The Chairman went further to say that it was an historic as well as emotional moment for him and was grateful for the unique privilege to serve those who share in the great vision of changing the country for better.

Mallam Ibrahim also stated that registering the party was a Herculean task, as many impediments were placed before the 8-man Steering Committee that did the job.

Going into history, the Chairman traced the motive behind PDM formation and eventual registration as a full-fledged political party. He said leaders of the Movement met and took the decision to transform PDM into a real political party. Earlier, he revealed that PDM gave birth to PDP in 1998. Adding that PDP has since drifted and strayed like a lost child. This warranted the creation of an alternative party to accommodate the agents of positive change, PDM; to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians from the stranglehold of an uncaring ruling party, he said.

Mr. Dagogo Emmanuel said that PDM is a dream come true for him. He recalled a meeting of thirty six PDP members held on the 27th of August, 2013 in the Rivers State where all unanimously showed interest and agreed to join PDM.
Alh. Mohammed Dam IGE, the National Vice Chairman also informed the house that the PDM is highly accepted in Sokoto and all over Nigeria. By his projection, there will be nothing less than five thousand members in each ward all over by the end of 2013.
The Chairman restated the mandated that brought about the party registration and members present passed a vote of confidence in his leadership by signing a loyalty form to confirm their membership.
Meanwhile, the Chairman concluded that that the PDM will be guided by its Constitution at all time and that it is his duty as Chairman to give life to the constitution. He went further to say that his pledge to himself is that nobody will be allowed to break the constitution and announced that a Constitution and Manifesto Review Committee would work out the modalities. He also recommended the establishment of 10 Committees as follows:Ad hoc Advisory ,Unveiling of the Party,Media and Publicity ,National Launching ,National Contact and Sensitization ,Women Mobilization,Youth Mobilization ,Membership Registration ,Constitution and Manifesto Review and Fundraising
Furthermore, the Chairman disclosed that some parties have approached the PDM and proposed a merger but PDM would not subsume its identity to any party, rather relate as equals. He reiterated that PDM will not merge with any other party but there could be room for future alliances.
On whether the PDM was formed to actualise the presidential dream of former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, The Chairman said it is untrue and a mere rumour. However, he said PDM belongs to all eligible Nigerians and all is welcome to join the party of light, security, equity and unity.
Lastly, the PDM urged the media to always use its official logo that has a torch light and motto of ‘From Darkness to Light’, to enlighten the public; more so as the party is about to commence the online and manual registration of eligible and interested members within Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

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