Parents call on government to monitor proliferation of private schools

Some parents in Bauchi on called on government to monitor the proliferation of private schools in the state.

The News of Nigeria (NAN) reports the parents are worried over the proliferation of private schools as most of the schools do not have the capacity and facilities to operate.

Mr Elias Makam, a parent told NAN in Bauchi most of the private school lacked basic requirements to operate.

“The fact is most of these schools lack the quality required and they have no qualified staff, no good materials and facilities. 

 “Some of them do not even have comfortable environments,” he said.

 A teacher and parents, Mrs Lydia Maina, said that some of the proprietors did have resources to pay workers.

 “Most of the proprietors having those so-called schools don’t have enough to pay qualified and highly educated staff.

 “Therefore, they look for those who agree to serve, irrespective of their qualification or skill.   

“Once they can speak English language, class or position will be given to them unlike what happens in government school that employ only qualified teacher,” she said. 

“I have been for some years and I know how most of them are run and I think it is right to bring it to the notice of the authorities.’’

 Malam Safiu Musa, a parent, said some of the proprietors just after what they would get from the parents as school fees.

“They only want to accumulate as much as possible considering the fact that they are putting the society in jeopardy.’’ 

He said in spite of that, people still patronise those schools in their vast numbers. 

“Whatever are the reasons, the schools are not standard and government must do something about the situation before it reached a deplorable level,” Musa said 

Mr Sabastine Kumkum, a proprietor, called on government to take drastic steps on all private schools that do not meet the requirements.

 “Any private school that does not have requisite requirements and is not operating in its permanent site is an illegal school. 

“In private schools, proprietors are lords as parents have little or no choice on how they are being treated.

 “We are calling on government to take drastic stand to reduce the proliferations of illegal schools in the state,” he said. (NAN)