Outrage Trails Killing of over 25 students in Mubi

Reports emerged today  of brutal and seemingly  cold- blooded killing of students  of Federal  Polytechnic , Mubi in Adamawa state late Monday night by unknown gunmen . news of killing in the students’  hostel came as a rude shock to Nigerians  that have been battling with mindless killings and bombings in recent times.No group claimed responsibility for the attacks at the time of report.

But Mubi killing  was  particularly galling as it seemed to premeditated.Reuters quoted Adamawa police spokesman Ibrahim  who said ,”We learned that they came for attack, they called out names of of victims and killed them as they came out. they left alone, which gives us a clue that was the of insiders,”. He said the death toll was 25.Other reports  quote a higher figure.

It also  reported the state’s police spokesman as having said  student halls had been raided by police last week as part of a sweep against Boko Haram militants. During the raid, police recovered weapons including a rocket propelled grenade, dozens of homemade bombs, knives and automatic assault rifles. He added that it could not ruled out that Boko Haram militants who had infiltrated the students were behind it,according to the news agency.

But Yushau Shuaib spokesman of NEMA was reported by same news agency as having said “The crisis in Mubi is suspected to have been fuelled by campus after the election … the ones who were disgruntled might have … (carried out) the attack.”

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