Outrage as Boko Haram again, executes five aid workers

Suspected members of the extremist Boko Haram sect have shot dead five persons believed to be humanitarian workers. The terrorist group publicized the development via a viral video it published on social media Wednesday.

This incident has again elicited outrage and condemnation from Nigerians particularly the presidency.

 The gunmen who carried out the killing said their victims were aid workers working for nongovernmental organisations.

The 35-second video featured five hooded armed men standing behind five abductees who were kneeling before them.

An unidentified voice speaking in Hausa said, “this is a message to the infidels who are using you to cheat and turn our people into unbelievers. You should know that your employers are just using you to achieve their aims, but they don’t care about you. That’s why whenever we abduct you, they don’t care about you.

“Our advice for you is that you should repent and turn to God, or else we shall continue to waylay and abduct you all in all the routes that you traverse.

“And if you don’t heed to our warning, what is about to happen to these five aid workers would also be fate that will befall you too.

At the end of the speech, one of the gunmen ordered them to fire the abducted aid workers. The gunmen summarily shot at the five men whose faces were all covered.