Our Destiny in our hands, Mark tells Nigerians @ Independence

In spite of the economic and socio – political challenges facing the nation, only the resolve and willingness  of to confront the headlong would get out of the woods,President of the , Senator David Mark has counselled.

“Nobody is coming from the moon or the space to solve our problems for . The challenge is that we must put behind such mundane as ethnic or differences and come together as one people to tackle our problems”, he stated.

Senator Mark who stated this   in  his goodwill message to marking the nation’s 52nd Independence anniversary maintained that have the capacity to solve problems.

He catalogued the myriads of challenges of nation building since independence and submitted ” if we look inwards and do the right things in conformity with our laws and customs, we can adequately find solutions to our problems.

” God has blessed the nation with enough human and material resources, we have all it takes to be truly  attain our giant status economically and politically.All we need do is to harness our resources and potentials for good”.

Senator Mark noted with pains the unabating destruction of lives and property largely perpetrated by the Boko haram sect, ethnic militias and kidnappers, saying ” these were hitherto alien to . It is a challenge we must resolve to end.

“We need each other. I am very convince that with the cooperation of all, we can end the menace and make our country a place.

” For us as legislators, we will continue to be guided by the wishes and aspirations of the citizenry. We will legislate on what makes for the good of the nation at all times. We shall be fair, honest and objective on all matters affecting our citizens”.

On the of the constitution, senator Mark expressed optimism that the exercise would be holistic targeted towards addressing all grey areas and imbalances in the nation state so that no citizen , or section would feel oppressed or marginalized any more.

He promised  that the national Assembly will cooperate with the executive arm Of government by laying an effective and result – oriented legislative frame work for service delivery to the people but would not compromise oversight functions in the spirit of the checks and balances.

Senator Mark pledged a responsible legislature that is to the people at all times but requested that the citizens themselves understanding and engage more on constructive criticisms rather than pull him down syndrome.


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