Our Country, Our Nation: Why We Must Take Back Nigeria Now! By Jaye Gaskia

jaye_gaskia 600Where do we begin from? To the colonizers and the armed merchants them, who overthrew our way of with the force of ; we may not have been more than the people who live in the area around the River Niger. To Lugard and his Mistress, we may not have been much more than the people of the Niger River Area [from which they derived the name Nigeria]. And to the political elites of the independence struggle era, we may not have been on the eve of flag independence more than a ‘mere geographical expression’ [albeit one which some of them, professing orientation said they were determined to transform into a real multinational nation].
And to the successor treasury looting and light fingered political [in particular], and ruling class [in general] elite of the past 3 three decades; we may be a disparage alignment of fractious ethnicities and religious sects.
And we go on; did we make reference to the past three decades? the dominant gladiators of nation, rampaging like traumatized elephant in a china shop all over our political and socio-economic space over the last three decades have been same personalities, families or lineages!
But inspite of the ineptitude and gluttonous greed of our ruling class combined with the conspiracies of our international distracters; We The People, we who fought the military to a standstill and forced them back into their barracks; We, the foot soldiers, organisers and mobilisers of the June 12 struggle and more recently the January Uprising; We The People of Nigeria; united by our shared experience of poverty, suffering, joblessness, homelessness, and exploitation by native and foreign task masters; We The People of Nigeria. Forged in the furnace of our common struggles for daily survival as well as for longterm social justice and equity; shaped by our common experience of the Civil War, and the insurgencies that have dotted our land since then; We The Ordinary People of Nigeria, we who have always struggled to assert our citizenship; We know for a fact that we more than a motley collection fractious ethnicities and religious sects.
We have and are in the process of becoming the same people, strengthened by their diversity, propelled by our shared adversity, boosted by our ingenuity, and thrust forward by our common humanity. We are one people, diverse, and united. We are one people, down by a thieving light fingered and small minded elite; back by a world rigged against our emergence; We are one people.
We The Ordinary People of Nigeria, we are the only ones who truly believe in this country; and it is of us, our united suffering, our united struggles, our common hope, that this nation continues to exist; Only us can truly emancipate ourselves and liberate our nation and people; Yes Only Us.
Let us get our acts together, gird our loins, take our destiny into our own hands, build the alternative political party for our self emancipation and national liberation; and Take Back Nigeria, Now!
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