Orlu crisis: Imo SDG Boss, Princess Ude commends Uzodinma’s prompt peace moves

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Princess Ude

The prompt actions taken by Governor Hope Uzodinma toward restoring peace in Orlu and environs have been commended.


This commendation was given by Princess Christina  Ude, the Special Adviser to the Governor of Imo State, SDGs and Humanitarian Services.




According to a statement by the Media  and Communications Department, Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor of Imo State, SDGs and Humanitarian Services, “This swift intervention and credible measures the government put in place to bring the State back to calmness bespeaks the competency of the government in her duties to maintain order and public safety in the State.


“It is praiseworthy that the expeditious action of the government has brought an appreciable level of serenity back to the State. This government in the same vein, will see to it that complete peace is restored by serious efforts geared towards combating organized crime through systems that ensure that peace and justice are institutionalised and laws guiding them are enforced. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 16 which is “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”.


The statement recalled that, “The recent pockets of crisis in Orlu as contained in several footages are replete with gory sights and tales of violence, arson and vicious brutalities as reported in the media spaces. These acts must be condemned by every patriotic mind and lover of Imo State. The riotous outing was said to have been formented by *reformers called ESN*, a situation which has since spread fears, uncertainties and unrest within and outside the Imo State, leaving lives, properties and livelihoods destroyed.


While chronicling Uzodinma’s deft moves, the SDGs office boss noted that, “In the wake of this unfortunate breakdown of law and order, the Governor of Imo State swung into action in a bid to unravelling the root cause and finding solution to this relapse in the security of lives and properties of Imo people. It may be recalled that the principal responsibility of any government is the security of her citizenry and His Excellency, the Governor understands and is committed to this onerous responsibility.



“First, he called for an emergency security meeting of heads of security agencies and relevant stakeholders so as to be advised on the right approach to follow. To this end, he declared a dusk to dawn curfew within Orlu Town and few other Local Governments which were affected by this novel uprising. This initiative is to restrict movement in order forestall further casualties, urging all law abiding individuals to adhere to the new regulation. Security operatives have also been dispatched on a 24 hour patrol to ensure that peace is restored in the state.”