Orji Kalu:A Phenomenon In The Political History Of Abia..,By Jackson Nwadike

I thank God for His divine mercies and constancy your remarkable life and family. I am really fascinated by your creative energy, intelligence, candour, courage, business and political prowess plus strong opposition to tyranny and evil all its ramifications.

You have words and deeds shown that you’re a phenomenon the political history of State particular and Nigeria in general. I am proud of you as an astute administrator, a worthy manager of human and material resources. Your accomplishments as the 1st executive governor of State for 8 good and unforgettable years are eloquent testimonies to all these. As a committed patriot and famous achiever,you performed well to the satisfaction of the majority of Abians hence ex-president Obasanjo who is not known for giving undue praise to anyone proclaimed you as an action governor.

This explains why you are popular and still much relevant State, 5 and a half years after leaving office. So, this is what some funny characters Abia PDP saw and became jittery and are now having sleepless nights.Shame on them! That the malefactors are even afraid of your shadows is really absurd. May be, when the big masquerade eventually appears public they will run into the bush out of fear or jump into the sea and drown. For sure, all your misguided, myopic, comical, puerile and drunken foes will woefully in the end. When they finally come to their senses, I believe they will come fawning to you in secret and you will look at them with scorn and ridicule. By God’s grace, you will surely laugh .

Congratulations Sir, the great OUK, the authentic voice of Ndigbo (OLU IGBO 1) for crossing over smoothly to a brand new year, 2013. May this New Year bring all the special things that mean the most to you. May 2013 bring all the success and fulfillment your heart desires. May God bless you hugely and make you forever relevant in Nigeria and beyond.

Happy New Year!

Jackson Nwadike

[email protected]

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