Orji Building Sustainable Economic Foundation For Abians ,By Nnaji Obed Asiegbu

Orji new 600The onus developing Abia State lies on its and is why Excellency, Governor Theodore Orji in Independence Day speech urged all Abians to support administration’s effort at bequeathing an enduring legacy for future generations.

Governor Orji through legacy projects in the State is seeking to build a sustainable economic foundation for our people, especially in providing for the best affordable health care in all areas and with a world class health institutions and diagnostic centres in Umuahia and Aba can sustain the test time and demands.
The administration is also upgrading our judicial infrastructure and institutions in all areas, to improve the delivery equitable justice.

The Government has also created access to new employments by building new to serve the commercial interests and needs of our people, especially in Aba and Umuahia.
The educational sector is not left out, as the State Government is refurbishing our educational institutions, improving and excellence and building a knowledge-based industry and tourism in our State.
The current administration in the State is creating self employment for our , especially the youths – through empowerment with working tools, skills acquisition trainings, equipment and vehicles to ply new trades.
Consequently, young entrepreneur farmers are being created in all the Local Government Areas of our State, through the Liberation Farms.
To consolidate on these efforts, Governor Orji called on all Abians to come on board and support the Government, so the legacy foundations he led in the State will be made stronger, faster and intensive for the realization of the collective dreams of a better Abia State.
In words, “The State has been growing, even as the challenges of resources still fail to meet all expectations. Yet our achievements can also be measured in the sincerity, devotion, accountability and the selfless leadership we continue to bring to our democratic process.
“Our leaders at all levels, especially in Abia State, are assuming responsibility as change agents and laying the foundation for the sustainable development of our people. We will continue to pursue this route.

He urged of the State to begin to re-evaluate their potentials and re- in the State and Nation building.
He Continued, “We must move away from the anachronistic belief that Governments alone can do everything to develop the people, the State and the Nation. Our Government remains ready to partner with individuals and groups willing to devote their knowledge, resources and expertise to develop our State.
“That is why we are now partnering with some reputable organized private concerns to build a new Aba International Industrial City (ABIIC) at Osisioma near Aba.
When completed within 2014-15, this Mega City will relieve other Aba , and will be the host of cluster industries with modern equipments and machineries located within a conducive and business friendly environment that support healthy living and industrial activities.

“It is our hope that through this new project, we will be able to recapture the fame of ‘Aba made goods’ and the ingenuity of the Aba entrepreneurs. Our goal is to re-make Aba as the true ‘Japan of Africa’ and the commercial hub of the South Eastern region and the entire Nation.
“We are also giving support to Geometric Power Plant through assistance in road infrastructure; and to the other NIPP projects in Alaoji, so that their pursuits of a constant and reliable 24 hours supply of electricity will become a reality in Abia State, and especially in Aba, before Nigeria celebrates her next independence anniversary. This will accelerate the pace of commerce and development in Aba and entire Abia State.
“I continue to see huge potentials and capacities in our people in direct engagement in the building of a growing, enduring, and a stable economy for the benefit of our citizens.
“Our Government will continue to support and partner with all who dare to rise to be counted as champions of our State development.

“For them and for every citizen, we will continue to invest heavily in the sustenance of our security and the protection of lives and property of citizens, so that all forms of criminal violence, especially kidnapping will be completely eliminated in Abia State, and our environment made more conducive for local and external investments.
“Our Government will continue to build and maintain the cleanliness of our cities, especially Aba. We will address more consistently, our lingering infrastructural deficits, especially in Urban and rural roads; and we will work towards completing our legacy projects in the pipelines. However, I need to remind our citizens of the need to pay your taxes to enable Governments finance our many projects to serve you better.

“I am confident that Abians will uphold their inviolable contract of fiscal commitment which binds Governments and citizens, especially in a democratic setting, and live up to their tax paying responsibilities.
“On our Government’s part, we pledge to remain prudent, responsible and accountable in the management of our collective resources.”
Nnaji Obed Asiegbu is the Special Assistant on e-Governance and Strategy to Abia State Governor

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