Oreagba, King of Steeze at 2024 Ojude Oba festival named Culture ambassador


The National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) has recognised  Farooq Oreagba,  who stole  the show at  the 2024  Ojude Oba Festival, as an Honorary  Ambassador for the Council.

Among the many eye-catching attendees, Oreagba stole the show. Clad in a flamboyant green and yellow Asooke Agbada, he rode majestically on horseback, a photo of which went viral and earned him the title “King of Steeze.”

Obi Asika, Director General of NCAC, made the announcement on his Instagram page, displaying the Certificate of Recognition awarded to Oreagba.

He wrote: “I could not be happier to announce him as an Hon Ambassador for the national council for arts and culture @ncac_nigeria and celebrate him and his boundless energy and spirit.

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“He is now the King of Steeze and brought global attention to #OjudeOba the key traditional festival of Ijebu Ode celebrating the Awujale.

“For at least the last decade he has been getting on his horse, dressed in magnificent asoke and representing his family and culture.

“We discussed what made this year different and why the reaction, was it the photographer, was it the festival or was it just God’s time, I believe it was just meant to be.

“My brother is a fighter, diagnosed with terminal cancer he has been fighting it for a decade and never been anything but positive.

He has been an inspiration to we his friends and now we are sharing him to the world.“ He represents all that is good about Nigeria, pls celebrate him, a true Nigerian original!

“I know he is braver than almost anyone I know from the way he confronts his pain and has always repped naija since I have known him, Congrats again and thanks for all you do.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports  that the 2024 Ojude Oba Festival was held recently with its usual  glitz, glamour  and cultural resonance.

This year, the festival honours Awujale, the king of Ijebu-Ode and celebrates the rich traditions of the Ijebu people, drawing notable figures from near and far.

However, the Ogun State-born Oreagba, stood out for his striking appearance and compelling personal story, as his unique fashion style stole the show.

He inadvertently became ‘the face of the festival’ as he made a grand entrance at the festival on a decorated horse, dressed in a green and lemon agbada with a matching cap.

Oreagba exuded elegance and style, as he adorn himself with red coral beads, and a gold crossbody chain, with his embolded tattoos, a big tobacco pipe, an Apple wristwatch, and stylish sunglasses.

His pictures and videos have since being trending on social media, as he embodied uncommon elegance and style in showcasing Nigerian culture to the world.

NAN also reports that Oreagba, a former Head, Strategy & Business Development. Nigerian Stock Exchange, was in 2014 diagnosed with osteosarcoma and carcinoma, a cancer of the skin and bone marrow.

He had to leave his role at NSE to tend to his health, and after two years of battling the killer disease, until he was declared cancer-free and healthy enough to go back to work.

Oreagba’s stylish and endearing presence at the 2024 Ojude Oba festival clearly portrayed hope, courage and the indefatigable Nigerian spirit.

He is currently the Managing Director and CEO of of NG Clearing. (NAN)

By Joshua Olomu

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