Onu: FMSTI rebranded to meet future technology demands

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has said that the Ministry has rebranded its vision, mission and logo, in order to meet up with global contemporary and future technological demands.

Dr. Onu said this today at a world Press conference on the unveiling of The Ministry’s new logo in Abuja on Friday.  

The Minister said that technology positively influence all sectors of national life such as education, agriculture, infrastructure development and the fight against corruption. 

He added that technology balance equality and improve the security situation in the country.

Dr. Onu said that Nigeria must plan to a diversified, knowledged-based and sustainable economy, to it maintain regional, continental and global influence.

 According to the Minister the Ministry has leading the way in ensuring that our no longer depends on commodities but rather knowledge and innovation.

On the ’s commitment to repositioning the STI sector in the country, Dr. Onu said that more efforts at innovation and reverse engineering are on hand to ensure the development of “Capital Goods Market” in the country.

Earlier, the Minister of state for Science, Technology and Innovation, Barr. Mohammed Abdullahi said that the rebranding of the Ministry will it focus more on current technological trends such as Nano-technology, Smart space technology, Bio-tech and diverse new technological trends.

He further said that the repositioning and rebranding of the Ministry fast track the developmental agenda of the Buhari led administration. He further added that the nation’s GDP improve as a result of innovation and technological development.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Edet Sunday Akpan said the repositioning and rebranding of the Ministry bring to fore the ingenuity of Nigerian professionals, scientists and innovators to solve contemporary global issues such as Covid-19 pandemic and security issues currently bedevilling the country.

Mr. Akpan while commending the leadership of the Ministry for their cutting-edge innovation and leadership, further said that the repositioning of the Ministry be a spring board for Nigeria’s industrial growth.