Olusola Saraki ,Strongman of Kwara Politics is Dead

Dr Olusola  Saraki, better known as the strong man of Kwara politics is dead,reports said this morning.He  died in Lagos after battling with illness.

Saraki was a renowned politician who became virtually a phenomenon in his home state,Kwara.Since 1979,nobody became governor  without his endorsement except the incumbent ,Abdulfatah Ahmed.

In 2011, there was a family rift during which his son  Bukola now a senator  supported Ahmed .That was contrary to  Olusola’s wish to have  his daughter become  successor to his son who had just finished his second term in office.

Saraki was a politician who  however had wide connections beyond Ilorin .He was a senate leader in the Second Republic.He was  79 years old.

His death occurred less than a week after ex Governor Lam Adesina of Oyo state died in Lagos.