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Olam Hatcheries Limited, Kaduna Km25, Along Kaduna-Abuja Expressway: Centre Of Professional Slavery, By Citizen Reporter


Here is an unedited account  by a citizen reporter  of the slave conditions under which Nigerian fresh graduates of Veterinary Medicine are being allegedly subjected  at Olam Hatcheries Limited Kaduna Km25 Along Kaduna-Abuja Expressway:


Crown Flour Mills Limited- AFP Division Kaduna,  subsidiary of Olam Grains in the ending months of 2016, recruited fresh graduates of Veterinary Medicine as Farm attendants from across various Nigerian Universities through faculties of Veterinary medicine. Employing a number of about 20 vets. The project was meant for a target of 100 veterinary doctors to undergo a training on poultry production with a capacity of producing 1 million day-old chicks from its Hatchery per week. The advent of the whole story tends to be different upon arrival at the Farm.

It all started with a great deal of disappointments right from the letter of appointment  which dated 1st of February 2017 for the assumption of duty. This was later postponed to a month’s  time, this info was passed abruptly just a day to the initial resumption date.        The Job description for a DVM, working for a period of 12 hours running a shift. involving the unloading of animal feeds from trucks, doing the work of the janitors sweeping, cleaning and clearing of waste and refuse in and around the farm house. Responsible also for the feeding and watering of birds of about 100,000 capacity.         They were involved in the construction of the pen houses             which was none of their professional expertise with the exposure to so many risk factors and hazards.

Lack of Job flexibility and communication, where Vets are faced with threats of sack when ever complaints are made about certain things not done in the right manner. Security threats around the Farm environment is another factor, looking at its location and the exposure of the various farm houses in areas to be known for high crimes/vices such as kidnapping and armed robbery activities.

In summary, all these calls for the immediate intervention of the  Government through the proper regulatory bodies like The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) and The National Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA).

What’s happening in the farm is another professional slavery in disguise, as the Indians are loud-mouthed,stating  that the farm will be fully automated and the employed Vets will undergo two years training. Can this happen in their country where Vet Doctors will be used as mere laborers, janitors and truck-loaders?

Enough is enough of this tactical/professional slavery in our own country.


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