Okpe Union Calls for Unity, Insists On Bye-Election In November

Secretary General, Okpe Union , Mr. Henry Ebireri said Thursday that the union’s bye- would be held on the date approved by the house.

In a statement issued in Lagos, Ebireri said the branches would the opportunity to choose the candidates they prefer and to themselves on other issues affecting the union and the kingdom.

“It is imperative that the people outside Lagos be given the opportunity to themselves about the union’s leadership and destiny “ he said.

On the alleged deliberate sidelining of branches in decision making and of leaders, Ebireri said the headquarters has always supported unification, and in particular for the development of the union and the kingdom

” The headquarters  is a serious partner, assuming all its responsibilities as the engine of the Union and the kingdom. I can only encourage the branches to courage and to participate in the bye elections according to the timetable ” the Secretary general advised.

“In this way, the branches will be strengthened in their conviction that the headquarters, and in particular the executive committee, work in their service under the best possible conditions”.

He warned those plotting within and abroad to stop the electoral process not to try it.

“ I the fact that there are leaders in Okpe whose vision for the union’s future differs from my own. What I do not is people talk about the beauty and the importance of democracy, but seek to obstruct the people of Okpe from expressing their views in a democratic process.” he said.

“ On the Sapele Okpe Community crisis, Ebireri said “ We must act courage and the sense of urgency that this issue warrants.

He urged members in court to heed to wisdom, withdraw the case immediately and allow to take place.

“The action is divisive. We must  bear in mind that for Okpe kingdom to move forward, one thing must occur: The people must be united.

The secretary general concluded his statement a call to action. “When it comes to the issue of change, there will always be people that we cannot act, that we should not act, that we must wait for a appropriate time, that we ought to focus on other things. Well, those people are wrong. We should act. We must act. And I am confident that we will act and take Okpe to the next level.”


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