Okorocha’s victory: ‘The Supreme Court has proven that it is not a PDP Supreme Court’, says Dr Uche


The Supreme Court today  affirmed the election of Rochas Okorocha after dismissing  the appeal filed by Ikedi Ohakim(PDP) against the election of Okorocha(APGA) as the governor of Imo state.The Supreme court said PDP’s argument was baseless and it therefore dismissed the appeal.

Reacting to the ruling this afternoon, Dr Uche Akunebu president of Imo Good Governance Group ,IGGG said  it is a welcome relief to the people of Imo state .Akunebu who spoke to Newsdiaryonline after the apex court ruling said the Supreme court has shown it is not a PDP supreme court He spoke in the light of reported claims by PDP stawarts that Okorocha’s regime would end today.Read the interviews below for some fresh insight into the Okorocha vs Ohakim tussle :

Uche Akunebu is the President of Imo Good Governance Group,IGGG.A few days ago, his group raised alarm over what it called the boast by some unnamed PDP chieftains that had said Governor Rochas Okorocha would lose his seat of Ikedi Ohakim today at the Supreme Court. Akunebu who spoke on behalf of his group said the antics of PDP had created tension in the state prior to  the apex court ruling.So as soon as the judgment was given today, Newsdiaryonline’s Danlami Nmodu sought his reaction .Excerpts:


Q:I like to have your reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on the Imo state governorship tussle today

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A:My reaction s that we are all joyful, we are all happy.We are united beyond description.With  that decision, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed the people’s  mandate which was given to Anayo Rochas Okorocha and I can tell you today is like  celebration of Christmas in Imo, it’s like a carnival in Imo and even beyond Nigeria because people are happy that the right man who won the election is still the man that has been allowed to continue with governance.We are going to expect more, more ,more good good governance from this man because this is now a time of respite for him.He now has time to continue  with the good work he has been doing;to perform more good works because there woud be no distraction of the courts and and all of that hanging on his head.So it is a new lease of life for Imo that  now tgis man has more latitude to operate, to deliver the dividends of democracy to Imo people.We are happy  and Nigerians are happy.

Q:Before the ruling ,I know there was tension in the state and your group even had to come out with  a statement raising alarm over the boast by PDP.Now what is the situation?

Well that boast that created  a kind of palpable fear in the minds of the people today has evaporated because by  this latest decision  by the Supreme Court, it has  been proven that it was  a kind of empty boast  which they were making.The Supreme Court has proven that it is not a PDP Supreme Court;that it is the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Cosmas Okpara  ,Secretary of IGGG and  a barrister was also at the Supreme Court premises throughout today’s ruling.In this chat with,Danlami Nmodu  ,he gives his insight into the proceedings at the  court earlier today

Q:Your reaction to today’s ruling by the Supreme Court on Okorocha’s case

A:Yes we are all very happy, the Supreme Court has allayed the fears of the majority of the people  of Imo state.At least given the background that the PDP has been all over the place making all manner of boasts suggesting that heavens will be laid down  and all that.But the Supreme Court has risen to the confirmed that it can always hold justice that is very, very fundamental.That justice will always reign supreme and the Supreme court confirmed that this morning.We are very very happy.

Q:You were in court, what did you notice.What was the environment like?
A:The environment was very very tense.Because of the security situation in this part of the country,most of the people were not, especially non-lawyers were not allowed into the court room and the court room is a very small place, not too large.Even soe lawyers who came a little bit late were not allowed into the courtroom,but I was right inside the courtroom chambers and the atmosphere in the courtroom was very sober, very solemn,very quiet.But outside, there were hustles and bustles,discussions in  twos and threes,small, small groups.And  there was this palpable fear.People were saying assuming the decision goes the other was.So,in and around the Supreme Court Premises, there was tension.Alot of people, when I was there earlier in the day, I learnt that PDP people came in some buses.APGA people came in some buses.So most of them were outside the court room and having this discussion that what will the Supreme Court say.But I think that the majority of the people are happy with the decision of the Supreme Court.Majority.If Iam not mistaken, about 90% of  the people of Imo state  are happy with the decision of the Supreme Court.

Q:Before now, there was this report that PDP was boasting that they wouldsack Okorocha today.Now that this has happened, what do you make of it?

A:Very well.It is not the first time.If you remember, before the election, Ohakim boasted that they had 27 local governments, he had all the councillors,all of them PDP.He has all the commissioners in Imo state,he had all the board members and chairmen, all of them PDP, that there was no way Okorocha can win.So the people of Imo state an myself particularly we are used to this kind of boast.But as a lawyer,I know that that boast is not founded in any law.We read the law and we understand them.We appreciate them.I know that that boast is an empty one and  the Supreme Court confirmed that  it is an empty one this morning.


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