Officials Attempt to Ban Youth Link Magazine with #Occupy Nigeria ,Other Stories at UNESCO Function

Youth LinkBy Danlami Nmodu

There was a mild drama Wednesday morning at  the Nicon –Luxury  venue   ‘Global Forum for  Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy ,Incorporating The International Conference on MIL and Intercultural Dialogue’. learnt that the mild drama began when some officials sighted copies Abuja based Youth Link magazine being given   to guests and the official  attempted to stop the distribution .One  the  “offensive”  magazines  was January –May 2012 edition  with  a banner  headline:#Occupy Nigeria-The Rage of a Nation over Corruption and Hike in Fuel Price

One eye witness said suddenly  some officials  from the National Library of Nigeria   came and asked the young men in charge of the magazine to stop distributing them  because “ the  stories  portray Nigeria in a bad light” .Even when the officials were told that YouthLink has been  distributed world- wide already, they would not give up. At some point another official who claimed he was a journalist told  those distributing the magazines that  he had reviewed them  and the content was not  good for the image of Nigeria.

“One of the officials said, we can give it to Nigerians, but we should not give it to foreigners because the magazines portray  the country in a bad light.But when I wanted to know why,or what they exactly they  disagreeable, there was  no answer.One of them pledged to get back to but I have not seen anyone” one of those involved in the mild drama told the attempt to stop the magazine was   resisted, the men in charge of YouthLink and other to display them and guests picked them at will.

Attempts by to confirm the story from officials of the National Library at the venue revealed yet another dramatic scene and    denial.One of the officials contacted that “they said they saw something  that was not good”.Suddenly , the official  realised something and stopped talking and walked away, directing the reporter to meet another official for further briefing.

Another older official  from the National Library vehemently denied being behind the attempts to stop the distribution of YouthLink. “No no ,not .Some officials just told that they have seen some magazines that contained some   that are not good  for the image of  Nigeria.I told them to see the publisher and see what  it is all about…” This official  claimed not to have even   read the content of the magazine.”I didn’t go through ,I couldn’t have stopped it”, adding  “You know   at National Library we champion  freedom of Information”.The official insisted that  “those who tried to stop the distribution of the magazines were not from National Library”.The two officials  contacted did not give their names but they were wearing T-shirts  with the inscription National Library of Nigeria.

This  denial  left eye witnesses  wondering what was going on. Meanwhile, the Forum which is a 3-day event has commenced .It is to end on Friday June 28th,2013.

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