October Guest Writer Session Features Ifedigbo and Badejo

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Two budding writers, Sylva Nze Ifedigbo and Seun Badejo,  will take centre stage at the October 27 edition of the Guest Writer Session, an initiative of the Abuja Writers’ Forum(AWF), which holds at Hamdala Plaza, Plot 23, Jimmy Carter Street, off Protea Hotel, Asokoro, Abuja.

An indigene of Agulu in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Sylva Ifedigbo was born in Abuja, Nigeria and attended School for the Gifted Gwagwalada Abuja and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 2007. He has since also obtained professional training and certifications in Project

Management, Creative Writing and Public Relations and today works in Corporate Communication.

An award winning fiction writer and essayist, he has written widely on Nigerian Socio-political issues both online and in the print media including the Saturday Punch Youngster’s Page, The Nation, 234next, Nigeria Village Square, KOWA Party blog, Nigeria Dialogue among many others. He currently writes a weekly Sunday column for Daily Times and maintains a personal blog where he shares his views on a wide range of issues.

He also has a number of fiction works to his credit including a novella Whispering Aloud published in 2008 by Spectrum Books Ibadan. He has had his short fiction published  in various local and international literary journals including MTLS, StoryTime, Swale Life, Life As a Human, Sentinel Nigeria, Saraba among others. His collection of stories The Funeral Did

Not End was officially released on 15th September 2012 by  the Lagos-based DADA Books.

Appointed Coca-Cola Africa Happiness Manifesto Campaign Ambassador, Nze as he is fondly called by friends and family is a member of the Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association, The Project Management Institute (USA) and the Association of Nigerian Authors. He is involved in a couple of youth advocacies and intends to be a part of a new generation of Nigerians able and willing to lead their nation to greater height through dedicated service and inspired leadership.

Dr.Ifedigbo is single, enjoys watching football and when he is not busy writing or reading, is most likely to be found interacting with like minds on twitter where he maintains and active presence.

Seun  Badejo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Geophysics from the Federal University of

Technology Akure and  is currently based in Abuja. He has a  passion for fiction and poetry writing and is an active member of the Abuja Writer’s Forum. Mr Badejo is also one of the (3) Directors on theBoard of Nigerian Saving Nigerians; a democracy advocacy group based in Houston, Texas. Nigerians Saving Nigerians was founded on the 27th of September, 2011 and is registered as a Non-profit corporation with the Secretary of State of Texas, U.S.A The mission of the organization is to create a voice for every Nigerian, at home, and abroad, who wish to see Nigeria enforce and strengthen its laws in order to promote and sustain accountability,

justice, and peace within the Nigerian society. Nigerians Saving Nigerians hopes to achieve its mission by encouraging citizens to organize peacefully, so the open and rigorous debate, essential for sustainable nation building, can be achieved.  Nigerians Saving Nigerians hosts a website and a facebook fan page to provide a platform where Nigerians can debate and organize peacefully in order to strengthen the development of Nigeria.

Badejo believes in these forms of expression, Poetry and Fiction, as powerful tools capable of raising the collective consciousness of society; a heightened consciousness which is indispensible in building a fair and equitable society. His debut collection of Poems, “Everything The Light Touches” was published in  early October, 2012.

Betty Abah has done a review of the collection, stating that “Badejo  Badejo reflects on the beauty and sometimes banal sides of life, happily or sadly, as the case may be. And he weaves his poetic mantle with an unmistakeable grace, a grace that’s so uncommon in our prevalent literature of rage, a rage induced by our mad realities.

“His is a voice calling for sanity in a world where insanity is popular culture. His poetry is the voice of brief wisdom, brief lamentation and brief resolutions: live peacefully with all, don’t begrudge without cause, and as much as lies in you, do that which is right, always. His are inspirations churned out in airy, friendly lines. A Christian mind, no doubt, puzzled with

the world’s ways but seemingly at peace with himself. And, when the going gets tough, he chides his soul to ‘rest…from this tumults’ haze/bid the uneasy darkness and/ thickness away. For, after all, there is life beyond unrequited love, failed dreams and friendships and love gone sour. , ultimately, he makes no pretexts on the fact that his relationship with his Maker is intact as shown in one of the simplest and quite interesting poems, ‘Rule of 5’.

“But the sweetest thing about Badejo’s poetry is not just in its brevity and but its delightfulness. In these days of hasty works and dearth of depth, it is not always that you come across a collection of poems that truly delights. They are not pedestrian or obscure, they are simply sweet. And I think that is the purpose of poetry— to delight, first. It could be said then with much confidence that these poems proceed from a heart which has encountered ‘The Light’ of the

world’. And what can we say? ‘Whatever the Light touches’ via this amazing assemblage, changes, for good! “

The October 27, 2012  edition  of the Guest Writer Session starts at 4pm and will include the usual side attractions of poetry performance, mini art exhibition, and a raffle-draw as well as live music. The Abuja Writer’s Forum meets three Sundays each month and hosts a reading on every last Saturday at the International Institute of Journalism, Hamdala Plaza, Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, Abuja.



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