Obiano’s aide calls for united Nigeria


Egwuonwu, who made the call at a news conference in Calabar on Monday, urged Nigerians not to compromise the unity of the county.

“I am not an advocate of secession of the South-Eastern part of the nation as some groups clamour for.

“Because the Igbos can be found in every part of the nation carrying out their legitimate businesses to boost the development of the area,” he said.

He, however, said that giving an Igbo man the opportunity of becoming the president of Nigeria in 2023 would defuse all forms of suspicions and strengthen the nation’s unity.





Egwuonwu said that such a move would create a situation like it was before when an Igbo man saw the north as his village and vice versa.

“I think this move is very important because, for example, those from the west and the north will now know that after all someone from the eastern part of the country has been given the opportunity to lead.

“Every region in this nation is important to its development as we all have something that we can bring to the table for a better Nigeria.






“But, I think there are still fears that if an  Igbo man becomes the president maybe they will clamour for secession, which is not correct,’’ he said.

According to him, such a move will only encourage an Igbo man to see himself and every sector of this country as his primary constituency.






Egwuonwu also commended the Federal Government in its strides on local rice production and the ban on the importation of rice, fish and poultry products.

He appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to extend a similar ban to other farm produce to enhance local production and sufficiency. (NAN)

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