NUJ Chairman Bags Traditional Title

Chuks ehirimBy Patrick Osadebamwen
Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Council Comrade Chuks Ehirim was yesterday conferred with the traditional title of Eziokwu bundu N’digbo meaning the “Defender of the Truth”.
Comrade Ehirim’s crowned by the Ugwumba N’digbo by His Royal Highness, Ezeudo N’digbo, Dr. Uche Egenti at his Palace in Aco , Lugbe, Airport Road Abuja.
Speaking with reporters after the coronation, Ehirim said the title would serve as an inspiration him as a person and a professional in the journalism profession which has the mandate of the people represent them fairly in the society.
His words: “The title is mainly conferred on me for whatever effort I have made not just in defence of Igbo interest but also in defence of humanity as a media practitioner standing for the truth and I think it is going me do more in accordance with the tenets of the journalism profession.
“As NUJ chairman, it is going embolden me serve my colleagues more in the defence of truth using courage do so”, Ehirim stated.
Describing the titles as a pat on the back of his subjects, HRH Egenti said those conferred with titles have been promoters of the values of the Igbo culture, customs and tradition maintaining that they all represented the pride and dignity of the Igbo race.
He said that His palace also conferred the title of Ugwumba N’digbo on the Publisher of the leadership stables for his role in making life easy for many skilled Igbos resident n the FCT through employment of these people into his business operations.
He further stated that gone are the days when people have to be provincial,we need to be metropolitan. We need to appreciate our brothers from the other side of the divide.
“I went across the Niger to appreciate a friend of the Igbos, a man of industry and candour, a man in whose company Igbos dominate from the group managing director of his company to the general manager and to his Personal Assistant and drivers are Igbos.
For such a man who has made my people useful to the nation in their respective profession he deserve to be commended because by his action he has made my people within my domain responsible members of society.

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