NTI trains 7,000 teachers in Special Needs and Disabilities — DG

The National Teachers Institute (NTI), Kaduna, says it has trained over 7,000 teachers in Special Needs and Disabilities (SENDS), from 2011 to date.

Its Director-General (DG), Prof. Musa Maitafsir disclosed this on Saturday in Abuja at a SENDS Training for members of staff of the Institute.

Staff of the Federal Ministry of Education were also among beneficiaries of the Saturday training.

Maitafsir stated that the trainings were successfully conducted by the institute through its renowned vonsultant, Anxiom Learning Solutions.

According to the NTI head, the trained teachers were drawn from across the country, while no fewer than 250,000 teachers across the nation were also provided with adequate learning aids.

“This edition is crucial as we transit through the COVID-19 pandemic.

”This is also to address the need to up-skill teachers who manage learners with diverse needs and teach across diverse in times of disruption.

“The security and conflicts in the country have created a situation where students suddenly do not have access to face-to- face learning.

“It is important that teachers and are prepared to support students in their learning.

“Teachers will acquire diverse skills that will ensure they can engage persons with disabilities, either physically or intellectually in the learning experience,” Maitafsir explained.

He said that over the last decade, the MDGS and subsequently SDGs officers had been at the forefront of inclusion in Nigerian classrooms.

The DG said the edition was pivotal as it introduced teaching techniques to accommodate with in the remote learning experience during periods of disruptions.

”Our intention and desire is to expand the beneficiaries of the capacity developmental exercise across the 36 states of the country in 2022 and beyond.

“The SENDS training is a component in my framework to achieve the 20 SDG 4.

“Therefore, it is my intention that the success of this programme will serve as a model to enrich the existing content and curriculum content.

“It will also serve to implement a mass training of SENDS teachers across the country in 2022 and beyond,” Maitafsir said.