NRC’s worthless N900m ticketing app, By Abdulrahman M. Alfa

I want to first of all commend the Federal Government for its commitment revamping the Railway Services across the country. Such services are bound to increase socioeconomic development of the country.

travellers using Abuja – Kaduna were happy when news filtered out that the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has spent a whooping Nine Hundred Million Naira (N900Million) and acquiring a software application that would enable passengers to book online and ahead of time. The App is also expected to checkmate ticket racketeering, exploitation and hoarding.

my recent experiences only proved otherwise to the extent that I have started seeing the expensive App (NRC has not deny the cost of the App to to the best of my ) as a worthless N900Million App.

Travellers using the train are agreement that the App is not user friendly, as expensive as it is. The App has a lot of dummies and NRC did not make any effort to save ordinary Nigerians from being defrauded. Even those who are able to download the App on their devices find it difficult to book as the App often indicates that the are fully booked, only for one to see almost an empty train on departure. This is purely economic sabotage.

The ticket racketeering, exploitation and hoarding that the App is expected to checkmate have only been exacerbated where ticket of N3,000 goes for N6,000 for the Economic Class while VIP Class goes for upto N10,000.

The App surely does not address the usual tendency derisively referred to as NIGERIAN FACTOR which is embedded in attitude. There is also a noticeable decline in patronage due to these systemic frustrations brought to bear on the travellers as well as loss of huge revenue for a project that promises to be a very good source of income for the Federal Government.

While the Federal Government is putting in concerted efforts in revamping train services to regain its past glories and with some travellers trying to avoid the bad road undergoing reconstruction and the high level security uncertainties along Abuja – Kaduna Express Way, the NRC cannot afford to have these teething corrupt tendencies continuously.

The NRC Management and Policy Makers must look inward and explore relevant solutions for a corruption-free train service.  

Abdulrahman M. Alfa

No 6, Mukum Close, Badarawa Kaduna

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