NOUN cancels examination by Semester

The National Open University Nigeria (NOUN) has cancelled the recently approved restructuring examinations by semester.
Announcing the cancellation order, the Registrar the university, Mr. Felix I. Edoka, informed all staff and students the university in a memo that the decision was arrived at during the 87th meeting the University Management Committee held in Abuja on Wednesday, 17th February, 2021.
The meeting, which was chaired by the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Femi Peters, discussed a number issues, including the conduct university examinations.
According to Mr. Edoka, the new policy conduct the university examinations which restricted its process to semester by semester has been cancelled with immediate effect.
He announced that university’s examination process has now been reverted to the former method where students will be examined in all courses during examinations and that student admission and registration will now be a continuous process in keeping with the university’s policy flexibility and accessibility.
The registrar assured that management is desirous tackling to the barest minimum all identified challenges facing the conduct the university examinations, admissions and registration.
He appealed for calm, patience and understanding of all stakeholders in the business of moving the university forward.