Nothing will deter BMO from promoting FG’s programmes — Akinsiju

 The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) says nothing will deter it from promoting laudable activities the Federal .

BMO Chairman Niyi Akinsiju insists that the remains productive, proactive and operates on two legs as an amplifier and a reaction agent the .

During a media forum with News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, he explained that as amplifiers, the would not stop promoting good policies and implementations by the administration.

“We amplify policies, and even when polices are still in contemplations at the various level of , we pick the policies and aggregate them.

“We also take the potential consequences of such policies into the market place so that Nigerians can see even before the policies are announced so that they can begin to see the benefits and the good of these policies.

“We have a role to play to make the policies even very popular before they are delivered in the market place by the government,” he said.

The chairman also said that the as a reaction agent was saddled with the responsibility of responding to oppositions.

He noted that the Nigeria political scene and its environment had oppositions that were more desperate and mostly misaligned.

“These set of people are deliberately misaligned and when they are attacking the government, they go out of facts, figures and even reality.

“We have seen that deliberately, it is either they are quoting the president out of context or they are ascribing or imputing some other monstrous issues that have no relevance to what they are saying.

“Most times they mislead the public and we have the mandatory to correct them and inform the public,’’ he said.

Akinsiju alleged that the opposition once told Nigerians that the government owed a very huge amount of money in billions of dollars which was an attempt to cause trouble in the country.

He, however, said that the group was able to the allegations with fact findings and in many other matters; it had corrected the thinking of both the oppositions and Nigerians.

“The group is a tactful group made up of high capacity thinking professionals consisting of economist, lawyers, engineers and other specialists,’’ he said.

According to Akinsiju, BMO, a close group and non-government funded is run on basis a dime from the Federal Government.

Akinsiji prayed that Nigerians would imbibe the spirit to in a genuine course with sincerity of purpose and the , believing that the outcome of such would eventually be helpful to the citizens.(NAN)