Not Even This Act Will Break Us-NLC Statement

nlc-logoBeing the text of the press following the bomb blasts at a motor park in Kano, 19-03-13

We at the Nigeria Labour in very strong terms the unjustifiable act of horror perpetrated in Kano on Monday yet to be identified bombers which left scores of passengers and other users of a motor park dead. was cowardly and shameful and incapable of advancing any cause except evil.

We at the believe that no cause is worth killing innocent Nigerians for.

If motor parks where ordinary people use or eke out their daily are no longer safe, where else could be safe? Yet we urge the people of Nigeria and citizens of other nations domiciled in Nigeria not to be intimidated or beaten. Instead, we should rise in unison and with common accord to preach peace and unity in our land. These are difficult moments indeed but we must rise to the challenge in the hope that in the end, good shall triumph over evil.

We call on every law-abiding citizen to be vigilant and forge a sense of community with their neighbor(s) to overcome this temporary challenge.

We also call on our law enforcement agents to rise to the challenge of combating terror and to especially focus on protecting defenseless and vulnerable people. To be able to do this successfully, our intelligence and security agencies need all the support they can get from government.

In furtherance of the above, we wish to invite the government to as a matter of do all that is necessary and explore all legitimate avenues to to an end this insurgency. We dare say this includes addressing the remote and immediate causes of this phenomenon, re- equipping our intelligence and security forces to be proactive and also be able to cope with challenges.

The choice of target in the latest barbaric act is intended to raise primordial sentiments but we should see for what is, a desperate act desperate people to weaken the bonds that hold us together. We will overcome them if we refuse to fall for their ploy, not carrying reprisal attacks.

We at the wish to re-affirm our faith in an indivisible and in alienable Nigeria where all can co-exist. We therefore further re-iterate our readiness to meditate in bringing this needless fury to an end.

Finally we wish to extend our deep condolences to the victims and families of this carnage. May God grant the dead peaceful repose and the wounded, speedy recovery.


Promise Adewusi



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