Northern Senators express concern over security situation

By Haruna Salami

The security challenges facing the northern parts of the country in particular and Nigeria at large has attracted the attention of the apologetic chamber, particularly northern senators.

At a meeting of the Forum on Wednesday which was attended by the leadership of the Senate and all senators from the zone, the lawmakers expressed deep concern at the worsening security situation in the zone and Nigeria at large.

Briefing journalists at the end of the meeting of the forum of Northern senators, Aliyu Wammako said they were deeply concerned and determined to find to the problem.

“We met as Northern senators to show our deepest concern over the rising security challenges in this part  and the entire  country and on what needs to be done.

“The meeting is scheduled to continue after this short break because we are concerned as Nigerians and as Northerners. This country needs to be as secured as possible for every Nigerians to be where he to be and he or she can sleep with two eyes closed, going about their businesses any fear or favour.

“We have to find a because if we don’ do it nobody will do it for us. We are so worried. The entire political zones have one security challenge or the other and our duty as people’s is to brainstorm more to find to the security challenges”.

 The former governor of state said “there are many of finding solutions. I know we are using the security forces very well, there are we can use dialogue too to find lasting solution to the security challenges”.

The Senate earlier held a special session Wednesday to mark the second year anniversary of the 9th Assembly which was inaugurated on June 11, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Senate has adjourned for two weeks to reconvene on June 22.