More Northern Groups Endorse Almustapha’s Unity Cause

almustaphaThe move championed by Major Hamza Almustapha for youth the North received a boost from three northern yesterday. A press release jointly signed by Barrister Abubakar Kurawa, Alhaji Abdurrauf Musa and Comrade Abdul-Azeez Suleiman for the Northern Youth Progressive Movement, the Northern Youth for Change and the Northern Emancipation Network respectively, said Almustapha’s move timely.
The joint statement said the initiative to bring the scattered youth causes the region should not have come at a better time. pointed out that Major Almustapha has even before his incarceration been known as a selfless of the youth all over the country.
The commended President Goodluck Jonathan for standing firm for justice which led to Almustapha’s release from a 14-year unjust detention.” regrettable that a group of self-styled northern leaders should fail to see the good Almustapha’s initiative for selfish reasons,
” the said.
They warned that discredited northern power seeker be allowed to drag the region into his personal war for ascendancy and perpetuation of monopoly of the entire available activity in the region at the expense of the majority.
“These people that have feasted thirst, toil and sweat of northerners by turning the whole region into personal asset should know that there a limit to deception and that the game over.
“The earlier the exploiter class in the north realized that ’s out of the match and out of the cup, the better for them, ” the groups said.

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