Nomfro technologies joins e-commerce entrepreneurship empowerment programs


By aji Chinedu

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a large toll on economic activity in Sub-Saharan Africa, putting a decade of hard-won economic progress at risk.

With the uncertainty of the long-term economic impact of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, a new economic analysis says the speed, quality and sustainability of African’s economic recovery will be determined by the effectiveness of its innovative entrepreneur’s response, especially within the online business solution.

Realizing the importance of strategic approach to build capacity and improve African’s e-commerce development, increase productivity and value, Nomfro Technologies joins in e-commerce entrepreneurship empowerment programs for Africans innovative startups.

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The Nomfro Technologies’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project- NTEEP 2022 is calling for applications from innovative startups in Africa. This program is for startups that can create solutions and employment on the continent.

According to Mr. Adams John Smart for executive director Nomfro Technologies’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project (NTEEP-2022) in its first edition seeks to identify and support innovative startups whose activities can create solutions and employment in Africa amidst covid-19 pandemic. In this ‘new normal’, consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to purchase goods and services. And with the possibility of more infections and lockdowns on the horizon, both new and current SMEs in the internet space need to make their businesses as resilient as possible very quickly he said.

Therefore, this project will provide over 500 startup entrepreneurs across Africa with $500 worth of credit each. The credit will be used to cover costs of business websites or e-commerce website development and mentorship program for participants.

Mr. Adams Smart concluded by saying that, African startups will have access to free business websites or e-commerce websites and digital marketing strategies that make SMEs more robust online. So, if you need this kind of solution for your business, apply now for free he said through the link .

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