No form of looting under Buhari, BMO replies PDP

The Buhari Media Organization (BMO), has described as “uncreative fiction”, the allegation by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that looting under the President Buhari administration is responsible for “poverty” and “insecurity” in the country.

A statement by its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke made available to Newsdiaryonline on Tuesday, also stated that there was no form of looting taking place under Buhari, “and if any spectre of such appeared, this government has made it a point of its corruption fight to find it and deal with it.

“All claims by the tactless opposition party, the PDP, the architects of the kind of corruption Nigeria under Buhari is fighting to rid us off, to the effect that there is some form of looting under this President, are false.

“There may be instances where some persons may be found wanting in the management of resources within their sphere of administration, this government has time after time unearthed such malfeasances, investigated it, and pursued it up to prosecution. 

“There will be no sweeping under the carpet of matters of corruption under Muhammadu Buhari. 

“It takes absolute courage and unflinching integrity to prosecute corruption, how much more to take it on when it lurks within your government. 

“Under the President Buhari administration, corruption would not be permitted any breathing space. 

“Unfortunately, we cannot say same for 16 years of the PDP administration where corruption was a household affair. It had become so accepted within their spheres that when the public demanded accountability, top members of the government told Nigerians that it was a “family affair.” 

“In fact, didn’t a sitting PDP President tell the whole world that ‘stealing is not corruption,”? the group alleged.

The group alleged that there was corruption during the PDP administration, which Buhari administration is trying to fix now.