No cracks in MMA2 parking lot pillars – BASL

Bi-Courney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two, Lagos (MMA2) has assured stakeholders of safety at the parking lot and other facilities at the Terminal.

BASL gave the assurance in response to the picture of supposedly cracked pillars at the parking lot trending on the social media.

Group Corporate Affairs Manager of BASL, Mikail Mumuni, in a statement on Sunday said “there are no cracked pillars at the parking lot.”

He added that “The person who posted the picture is obviously not well informed. This is an expansion joint and not a crack.”

He stressed that “The expansion joint is a space provided in every substantial structure that enables the building or structure to breathe,” pointing out that similar expansion joints are found on bridges spread across the country.

Assuring that “MMA2 carries out integrity test regularly on its structure,” the BASL spokesman added that “The tests have consistently shown that the structure is in good shape.”