NIS job stampede deaths, a direct consequence of PDP’s misrule – APC

APC 600The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said it is greatly distressed at the deaths of 19 job seekers at the venues of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) job test Saturday, calling it a direct consequence of 15 years of misrule PDP-led federal government.

In a issued in Sunday by Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Mohammed, the said the Minister of Interior must bear direct responsibility for the needless deaths by immediately stepping down from his post, if he has any honour left, or be fired.

It said, however, the overall responsibility is of President Goodluck Jonathan, who now seems to be bent leaving a dubious legacy of bad leadership has led to a grim harvest of deaths from insecurity, widespread violence and now job stampede, among others.

APC commiserated with the families of the victims and wished those who were injured a speedy recovery.

”Despite huge yearly budgets rolled out since 1999, the PDP-led federal government has failed to create jobs for our teeming youth, and the number of those who are jobless has now reached such an alarming rate a job emergency may have to be declared to avert an impending cataclysm.

”Massive mindless looting of the public treasury has seen funds could have been used to create millions of jobs end up in the deep pockets of corrupt government and PDP officials, without any consequence for the thieves, while the incompetent federal government led by a clueless President continues to deceive the public with cooked figures showing job creation where indeed there have been job losses,.

”Today, sadly, the truth has been laid bare: 5,000 or so vacancies declared by NIS have attracted over six million applicants, from which over half a million was shortlisted, according to published reports, and the desperation of our youth to eke out a decent living has been exploited by a villainous government that forced each applicant to cough out 1,000 Naira, thus raking in 6 billion Naira from jobless people,” the said.

It said that the Ministry of Interior has many questions to answer over the apparently-shoddy arrangements made for the job tests in 37 venues nationwide.

”Is it true that the Minister directly presided over the recruitment and money-making venture? Could this have been part of the government’s fund-raising measures for the 2015 elections? Why will a government seek to profit from a malaise it created by charging hapless job seekers 1,000 Naira each? Why was a huge number of applicants invited for only 5,000 jobs or less? Why was such a shoddy arrangement made for the test so many people were invited? Could the test not have been done in batches to avoid a stampede? How much indeed was realized from this glaring extortion of job seekers? What happened to the money?

These are some of the questions begging for answers.

”An investigation into the needless deaths of our youth, under a government that has failed them in every respect, must seek to answer those questions and ways to avoid a recurrence. At least if a government cannot create jobs, it must neither profit from incompetence nor send the victims of ineptitude to their early graves,” APC said.

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