Nigeria’s Police IG releases new email address to tackle terror gangs,others.

As part of efforts by the Police Management Team to promote access to justice, transparency and accountability in matters relating to policing and general crime fighting, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar NPM,mni, has approved the release of a new email address that will enable members of the public communicate directly with his office. The new email address is [email protected].

A statement by Frank Mba ,police spokesman outlined the circumstances under which the address should be used.

“ The use of this email address, it is advised, should be under the following circumstances:

“When providing information on the activities of criminal groups, terror gangs or other forms of organized crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, human trafficking, advanced fee fraud, arms trafficking etc.

“When reporting cases of breach of public peace or imminent breach of public peace.

“ When providing information relating to ongoing criminal investigations by the Police and other law enforcement agencies.

“ When reporting the conduct of Police personnel or the conduct of personnel of other law enforcement agents involved in corrupt and other forms of unlawful acts.

“ When commending members of the Force for acts of gallantry or other forms of exemplary or exceptional conduct displayed in the course of their duties.

“When reporting cases or incidents of electoral offences or other matters related thereto.

“When advising or commenting on matters relating to national security especially when such matters have direct bearing with the activities of the Nigeria Police.

The IGP also appealed  to potential users of the email to ensure the integrity of their information and make conscious efforts to avoid providing false, malicious or deliberately misleading information to the Force.  He advised that users should be guided by the higher virtue of patriotism, selflessness and ultimate service to the community, taking steps to ensure that they act in good faith at all times. He warns that established cases of deliberate falsehood or intentional misrepresentation of facts may attract reprimand and in extreme cases, outright prosecution in courts of law.

Mba noted that “It is the belief of the IGP that the effective use of the new email address will help in checkmating excesses of law enforcement personnel, encourage free flow of information between the public and police managers, and ultimately promote efficiency and better service delivery.

The new Inspector General of Police  also solicited the cooperation and the understanding of the general public, urging them to take advantage of the new communication channel in exposing the ills of the society and partnering with the Police to tackle them.  He assured all users of the e-mail that information provided through the medium will be treated with almost confidentially and the anonymity of their providers respected.

Finally Mba reiterated that “the IGP wishes to remind the public of the willingness of the Force to collaborate with all positive-minded citizens in the fight against crime and criminality. It is his assurance that the Police Force, under his leadership will stop at nothing in preserving the sanctity of the rule of law and providing adequate security to life and property of all Nigerians.”