Osa Director Floats ‘Nigeria’s First Free Newspaper’

OsaA revolution is unfolding in the Nigeria media industry with a debut of the nation’s first ever free newspaper. The newspaper, Mailexpress made its debut on the newsstands on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

Mailexpress is a weekly newspaper (magazine in tabloid form) that will be on the newsstands every Sunday morning. Its philosophy is anchored on the social responsibility theory and development media theory. In essence, Mailexpress shall promote the virtues of accountability and transparency in governance.

In a statement, the management said ,“Also, we shall promote the defence of the liberty and freedom of every citizen, ensuring a balanced society where no man is discriminated against on the basis of his tribe, faith or station in life.

“Our cardinal principle is to promote balance reporting by hearing all sides and the stakeholders.

“In recognition of the challenging times, we shall strive to promote a healthy readership culture; hence, Mailexpress will be delivered to your doorsteps free. This is the first independent newspaper to be delivered free nationwide in the nation. Therefore, we are proud of Mailexpress to be part of this epoch-making history.

The statement said further “Mailexpress will circulate a minimum of 50,000 copies weekly. We shall build on the wide circulation network in order to gain the confidence of advertisers and be the number one choice for advertisers.

“At Mailexpress, we enjoin you to join in this historic journey of redefining and reshaping the traditional media industry in the face of challenges from social media networks.

“With you and your support, we shall not fail. Every week we shall serve you nothing but the truth and the best.

The newspaper is managed and edited by Osa Director,as Managing Director/Editor in Chief.

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