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Nigerians should also focus on attitudinal restructuring – Prof Ajayi

Prof Ajayi

As the campaign for political and fiscal  restructuring gathers momentum, Nigerians have been urged   to focus on attitudinal restructuring  in order to attain better citizenry.

This call was made by Professor  Matthew Ola-Rotimi Ajayi, of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria, while delivering the 4th Inaugural Lecture  at the University on Wednesday, 30th June,2021.

According to Ajayi, a Fulbright Scholar: “Good and desirable as political and fiscal restructuring are in Nigeria, more attention should also be focused on attitudinal restructuring of the citizenry

In his  inaugural lecture was titled: “The All African Game: Rotimising the Politics of Poverty and the Poverty of Politics”, the don further asserted  that “As a game that it is, we need to learn and play politics with love, not hatred or bitterness. That way the essence of our humanity and nationhood would be fully realized.

“All of us must remain incurable optimists in our great country as we shun despondency and other fatalistic dispositions, he advised.

Ajayi further admonished leaders and all stakeholders that “Life itself is a game with its time and season. Play your part very well.

He noted: “In the words of the legendary Nelson Mandela, leaders at different levels must “lead from the back and let others believe they are in the front.” That is the heart of democracy as a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Prof. Ajayi  also  made the case  for sound moral character thus:“As a nation, in place of the much-abused and worn-out cliché called federal character, what we need in Nigeria at this particular hour is more of sound moral character on the part of both leaders and followers.”

Earlier, he held the audience spellbound with a chronicle of his intercontinental  academic voyage   as well as  his reflections on Africa and Nigerian political scenes. His lecture  was laced with  facts, figures and tables to boot.

And for  those who may be wondering about his new-fangled word, the don said : “ Rotimising, a new addition to political vocabulary, as used in this context, simply connotes Rotimi’s reflections on the poverty of African and particularly, Nigerian politics.”

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