Nigerians can now  pay for healthcare services with recyclable waste

In a bid to make healthcare accessible more Nigerians, African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) and Medicard Health Management have  initiated a partnership  that will enable Nigerians to pay healthcare services with recyclable waste.

The Founder of ACI, Mr Alex Akhigbe, said at the signing of the partnership on Friday in Lagos that the partnership would enable who could not  afford medical bills to exchange waste health.

“We entered into this partnership with Medicard so that can have alternative plans to take of their  health by exchanging their waste health.

“Before now, we have been something on education and a lot of parents in some of the communities we are working with,  have been able to pay school fees of their children through waste.

“Through this new initiative, will be able to meet their health needs through recyclable waste they generate.

“We will be taking this to some of the communities we have been working with over these  years, to let them know they have a backup plan to meet their health needs,” he said.

According to Akhigbe, the health will cost N495 worth of recyclable waste, monthly.

“This is like the cheapest plan to cover one’ health for a month with recyclable waste worth N495.

“The beauty about this also is that they can pay ahead of time.

“For , if you can generate provide one tonne of waste which is close to N20,000, that can secure your plan for over six months.

“So we will encourage them to look beyond the N495 and gather as much waste to cover them for a long of time,” he said.

Mr Ezekiel Eseagwu, Executive Director,  Medicard Nigeria, said that the partnership would enable people to  afford healthcare services.

Eseagwu said the initiative, which the first of its kind in the country, would bring relief to many homes that could not access healthcare.

“This is the first of its  kind in the country where  households and individuals can pay hospital bills through their recyclable waste.

“We are happy partnering ACI, a reputable organisation that has been a lot in terms of waste management and making our country and continent safe.

“The cost value for a month is N495 worth of waste, and this will bring a whole lot of relief.

“What we are with ACI is to ensure that with a certain of waste, people  can  access healthcare services through this initiative. (NAN)