Nigerian union in Italy urges FG to tackle insecurity to attract foreign investments

Pastor Mike Oputteh, Welfare Officer, National Union of Nigerian Associations in Italy (NUNAI), on Sunday urged the Federal Government to tackle to attract more foreign investments.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Oputteh identified and inadequate electricity as major distractions to foreign investors.

He said many Italian firms interested in Nigeria were discouraged by and power challenges in the country.

The NUNAI official added that Nigeria had huge deposits of human and natural resources capable of attracting big international investors.

“’The moment we are able to tackle and provide electricity, Nigeria will the destination for big global investors.

“We have to work collectively as a people to enliven the economy. We need the enabling climate for foreign to thrive,’’ he said.

Oputteh said it was unfortunate that the country had struggled for too long to establish a reliable electricity network.

“No business can survive without power. I urge the Federal Government to do something quickly.

“When there are more foreign investments, will created, more money will available to families and hunger will tackled,’’ he stressed.

He said also that the Nigerian mission in Italy had done well in promoting the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

He said that there was the need to establish a Nigerian Cultural House in Italy to promote the nation’s rich and diverse cultures.

“This will showcase our rich cultural heritage to the world; our culture is a priceless asset capable of portraying well before the world,’’ Oputteh said. (NAN)