Nigerian TV sorry for ‘leaking Shia leader’s prison food bill’


A Nigerian TV station has apologised for leaking a recording in which a minister was heard to say that the government spends 3.5m naira ($9,600; £7,400) per month on feeding a high-profile prisoner.

The Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed was reported to have made the disclosure off the record about imprisoned Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) leader Ibraheem Zakzaky.

OAK TV has since published an open letter of apology and says it has sanctioned the journalists responsible:

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Oak TV@OakTVOnline

On Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018, Oak TV made some error in its reporting regarding a conversation with the Minister of Information. This is an error which we regret. All team members involved have been sanctioned, and we would do more to tighten our gatekeeping responsibilities. 👇

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Members of IMN, a pro-Iran Shia Muslism sect, held protests in the capital, Abuja, earlier this month calling for the release of Zakzaky.Some protesters were killed by Nigerian police, who arrested 400 others. The exact number of deaths has been disputed – the army says six people died, while Amnesty International says there were dozens of fatalities.

What else could Zakzaky’s ‘meal budget’ buy?

BBC reported earlier on how a Nigeria TV station was forced to apologise for leaking a recording in which a government minister is heard to say that high-profile prisoner, Ibraheem Zakzaky, is fed meals costing $9,600 (£7,400) per month. That works out around $322 per day.

So what else could that money get you?

For starters, that sum would feed 17 ordinary prison inmates in Nigeria for one year.

Or, 208 inmates for one month.

Many Nigerians have questioned what Zakzaky could possibly be eating that would amount to this sum.

Here’s an idea: In an average Italian restaurant in Abuja, a platter of spaghetti Cartaccio – consisting of spaghetti tossed with classic tomato sauce and king prawn – costs $14, a bottle of Eva non-alcoholic fruit wine costs up to $14, while a large and well-garnished barbecued fish also costs $14.

Zakzaky would have to drink seven bottles of Eva, eat eight plates of Cartaccio plus eight plates of barbecued fish each day to exhaust $322.

That would take some eating.

Source: BBC

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